Honestly!  I don't know too many people who are lucky enough to have both great Clients and a great Crew!  Today, we were fortunate to have a Client that worked as hard as we did!  I honestly felt like I should be paying her!  It was both a personal and professional pleasure to get to know these folks, and I hope they stay in touch as they move on to the next new adventure in their lives!

Adding to that, how about a crew that just is unequalled?  When your Clients want your Crew to stay, that's saying a lot!  I get so many wonderful comments from both Customers and Clients about how helpful, pleasant and professional our Crew is!  I am proud and very thankful for their dedication to the task at


Check out the photos below!  One was taken early this morning by my wonderful, fun Client--For the first time ever, a Client actually asked our patiently waiting Customers to pose for a group photo!  How Fun!

The other is an actual photo of a Crew member who just couldn't quite make it home after his 12 hour day!  Kudo's to a great, dedicated crew--We Couldn't do it without them!

 Guess which one is which!

For those Customers who actually follow our Sales and came out to Newton for this Sale--Thanks so much!  We appreciate your business and hope to see you again soon!