I always cringe a little when I get the call….It usually goes something like, “I’m trying to clean out my home/garage/business…I sold some items to a dealer, but they didn’t want anything other than the few items they took, and I’m having a hard time getting rid of the rest of it”, or…”I had an auctioneer in and they took a few items, but left the rest…I can’t get anyone to buy it”, or “a friend of my Cousin came by and made me an offer on a few good items”…   It’s hard to explain to the caller that, by trying to help themselves, they may have done the one thing you should never do….Never, never, never let anyone “cherry pick” your assets!  In a nutshell, the dealer, auctioneer or “friend of your Cousin” undoubtedly had a sharp eye and took the most valuable items at a bargain, leaving the rest for you to deal with for a neglible return.  It happens to the smartest of folks, who just happen to be at their weakest of moments….and it’s a shame…   Seller Be Smart, and Seller Beware!  Don’t let your guard down, and always, always, always get a second opinion and offer before you sell!